Thursday, July 7, 2011

Debt Ceiling: What Would Reagan Do?‬‏: ‪What Would Reagan Do? WWRD Debt Ceiling:

Ever wonder what Ronald Reagan would do today regarding the Debt Ceiling. This latest episode of What Would Reagan Do - WWRD Debt Ceiling, does just that. Featuring great clips from Ronald Regan contrasted with Obama, the new video give us great insight into today's issues. Michael Reagan hosts this latest episode and brings additional insight into his dad's leadership.

I remember when everyone complained about Reagan's spending. Here's a chart to help put spending during his administration in context:


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Mike said...

WWRD? Raise the debt limit, as he did several times to make room for his lavish spending on defense. President Reagan incurred more debt than H.W. Bush and both terms of Clinton combined. It should also be noted that Reagan raised taxes several times during his two terms. President Reagan was a fine man, and his bi-partisanship, if only behind closed doors, was commendable, but let's not create an alternate reality that is the Reagan myth.