Thursday, July 14, 2011

Justice for Sale in St. Louis County

My inaugural post at Andrew Breitbart's Big Government. Here's an excerpt:
On the first day of the trial, Gateway Pundit noted that union supporters were out in force to intimidate Gladney. In the courtroom, the defense planned to turn the court fight into a he-said, she-said because the prosecution did not have video of how the fight started. The defense also argued that McCowan and Molens had a right to self-defense, but that rests on the belief that Gladney instigated the confrontation.
Thanks to Dana Loesch and Mike Flynn for the invite!

24thState is asking important questions about the defense's witness:
As we pointed out years ago, there were no other witnesses to the beginning of the assault. The two people closest were Cheryl Johner (who pled guilty to assault of Kelly Owens), and the ponytailed man in jeans seen standing over McCowan in the opening sequence of the video. Neither testified.

Instead, there was a defense witness, still unnamed, who claims to have seen the beginning of the altercation. She was decribed as heavyset, with a cane.

Do you mean this woman? The one seen walking into the scene after the assault had taken place? The woman who slowly moves forward and who gets to the scene after David Brown (blue shirt), who did not see the initial assault? This is the witness?

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