Friday, June 11, 2010

What is a green job?

Washington Examiner reports billions for 'green jobs,' whatever they are:
The Labor Department is shoving money out the door for 'green jobs,' yet at the same time is admitting it doesn't know what a 'green job' is.


Oback Arama said...

The Byron York column in the Examiner quotes Labor Secretary Solis as saying
"The demand for green job training opportunities is enormous ..." "The department has been unable to keep pace with the record number of applications for grants." Having spent over 500 million dollars on grants and with hundreds of millions more available for grants, is there any wonder that the demand is so great. A grant is free money. People will line up from here to Argentina if you're giving away free money. Fortunately, there is no end to the ability of our country to borrow money to give away for worthy causes like undefined "green jobs". As long as the Chinese are willing to lend money to us, the Obamanites will continue to give it away.

dsm said...

@Oback Arama,

While you're perception may be that US debt is being financed by China, I do not think it's that simple. China's holdings of our debt are up from February ($877.5B) to March ($895.2B) of this year, but those holdings are off of their 2009 peak ($938.3). There's a huge component of US debt that is held by the public, trusts, and agencies.