Thursday, June 3, 2010

Congratulations Dana Loesch!!!

Dana Loesch is #1 again this year in Right Wing News's 20 Hottest Conservative Women in New Media. The photo set above is in chronological order starting with my very first picture of Dana at the February 27th, 2009, Tea Party under the Arch and continuing through the Jefferson County Tea Party this past April.



SallyW said...

That's our girl!! I couldn't be prouder! Congratulations Dana!!

Stop The Hate said...

Thanks Darin! Thanks Sally! ;)

Ian Thomas Hardin, Esq. said...

It has been so wonderful to see Dana's career take off! I remember when she was on Sunday nights! A couple of years ago I was being shown around the station's offices by one of their salesmen after being treated to a Blues game and I saw Dana in the booth and was just taken aback at how smart, sassy and sexy she was.

Ian Thomas Hardin
St. Louis Metro-East Examiner