Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rule of the Sophists

Victor Davis Hanson at Pajama's Media on Government by the Faculty Lounge:
Ambiguity in speech, not clarity was preferred; the ability to adduce ten different points of view was always considered superior to deciding on one. Tantrums, the occasional obscenity, the knife-in-the-back memo always assumed a sort of rule that such rascality never earned a punch in the face; the art was to be as cruel as possible without resort to violence. Yet when gut-check time came to vote openly yes or no and take the consequences, most voted present by skipping out or abstaining.
Thus we are now ruled.


freespeak said...

Thus it would be a good idea to throw them out like drunk cowboys...
OUT the door with a swift kick and the face in the dirt.
The water trough technique is also good.

dsm said...


You stand with the majority and this blog!

freespeak said...

You bet I do!

freespeak said...

Oh. And regurgitate :)