Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bill Corrigan calls out Charlie Dooley's Self-Dealing with Public Funds

KMOX reports that County Executive Ignores Questioning On Casino Poll:
St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley is ignoring questions about a poll, paid for with taxpayer dollars.

It asked about a potential casino along the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in north county. The poll only included registered voters and divided their responses by political party.

The County Executive used the results to decide against supporting a new casino.

Republican challenger Bill Corrigan issued a news release, saying the poll 'breaches public trust' and calling on Dooley to 'immediately reimburse the citizens on St. Louis County for this political poll.'

Corrigan also cites the polling of the persuasiveness of messages and questions on the health of the economy.

KMOX attempted to ask Dooley about the poll after Tuesday's meeting of the County Council. He kept his head down and walked through the chambers, the hallway and to the elevator without responding to a KMOX reporter.

The survey's cost was $11,600.
The Post Dispatch's Political Fix has details about why Corrigan wants Dooley’s campaign to pay for county casino poll:
Corrigan’s statement called the poll political because it:

> Excluded non voters.

> Gave poll results by political party.

> Asked respondents their opinion of economic conditions.

> Asked for reaction to messages.

> Was conducted a few months before an election.


The poll found that 58 percent of the respondents opposed a casino along the Mississippi River north of Interstate 270 in Spanish Lake when first asked about it and 53 percent did after being asked about various issues relating the project. The poll said 37 percent favored the casino when first asked and 44 percent favored it hearing about the issues. Dooley cited the poll as a reason to oppose a Spanish Lake casino.
If you'd like to do something about the fiscal mismanagement of St Louis County government, please consider supporting Bill Corrigan's campaign.

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