Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Full Video Coverage: Faces of Freedom Rally

Here's complete video coverage of last Saturday's Faces of Freedom Rally in Macon, MO, organized by the Macon County Patriots. Organizers hope to make this an annual event honoring our fallen heroes, veterans, and those currently serving in the United States military. There were speeches from David Doctorian, Cathy Cochran, and Vern Bastian. Doctorian spoke about the sacrifices that the founders made to fight the Revolutionary War. Cochran spoke about the importance of re-reading the Declaration and US Constitution in the context of the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation. And Bastian talked about the motor cyclists that escort our fallen heroes: The Patriot Guard Riders. Live music was provided by the Nelson children, Keota, and Dale Wilson.

Video Playlist Index:
  1. Introduction, Invocation, and Pledge
  2. National Anthem as sung by Martina Miller
  3. Welcome and Recognition of Military
  4. Recognition of Fallen Heroes
  5. David Doctorian pt1
  6. David Doctorian pt2
  7. David Doctorian pt3
  8. Patriotic Medley sung by the Nelson Kids
  9. Keota performs Uncle Elijah
  10. Keota performs These Boots Are Made For Walking
  11. Keota performs Barrel Three
  12. Keota performs Dusty Boxcar Wall
  13. Keota performs Crazy Eyes
  14. Keota performs Past The Point Of Rescue
  15. Keota performs Little White Church
  16. Keota performs The Battle of New Orleans
  17. Keota performs Wagon Wheel
  18. Keota performs Ready for the Times to Get Better
  19. Keota performs 16 Tons
  20. Keota performs Jolene
  21. Keota performs Broken Wing
  22. Dale Wilson sings Cajun Baby
  23. Dale Wilson sings Bologna on White Bread
  24. Dale Wilson sings Where Were You
  25. Cathy Cochran pt1
  26. Cathy Cochran pt2
  27. Vern Bastian on the Patriot Guard Riders
  28. Closing Prayer
  29. Battle Hymn of the Republic
The pictures below were supplied by the Macon County Patriots.


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