Thursday, June 3, 2010

Phil Hare (D-IL) Intimidates a Veteran

Phil Hare Intimidates Veteran

Rep Phil "I don't care about the Constitution" Hare (D-IL) didn't like the line of questioning he got from one of his veteran constituents, so he asked a member of his staff to tail that veteran, Ken Moffett, to his car and record Moffett's license plate number. Here are some key quotes from Moffett's letter to the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct:
The purpose of this letter is to inform you of an incident which occurred between myself and Representative Phil Hare, on Monday, May 31, 2010.

Congressman Phil Hare, of the 17th Congressional District of Illinois, is misrepresenting his military service during the Vietnam War to attract the votes of veterans....

...Mr. Hare and I were engaged in a conversation concerning the statements he is making around the district about being a veteran. After I pointed out that according to the law he is not a veteran, he became very upset and demanded to know my name. I refused to tell him...
Mr. Hare then told one of his aids who was with him, to follow me to my car and get my license plate number so he could find out who I was. I have since been told that Mr. Hare's daughter works for the DMV.
I have long felt that citizens should be notified whenever a government employee accesses their information—just a simple email with the name of the employee, the date and time, and a reason for the access. Businesses, especially financial services and healthcare, would also benefit from an accountability system like this, too. Part of the vision of the Tea Party movements across this country is one of a government Accountable to the People.

Mr. Moffett: Thank you for your service and may you be blessed with better representation in the future!

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