Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ed Martin stumps for Scott Brown *UPDATE*

Ed Martin making calls for Scott Brown

On Wednesday morning, I spoke with Ed Martin, Republican candidate for Missouri's 3rd Congressional District. Ed was calling friends and family in Massachusetts to encourage them to get out the vote for Scott Brown. Scott Brown is the Republican candidate running in a special election against Democrat Martha Coakley.

Update: After talking about Scott Brown, Ed and I talked a little baseball. Both St. Louis and Boston are great baseball towns, so I asked Ed about Mark McGwire. McGwire has been in the news because of his recent admission to using steroids during his baseball career.

Ed Martin on Mark McGwire

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Contchr said...

What an inspiration and an example of selfless, patriotic fervor Ed Martin sets for us. Boy, if we could duplicate that times a few million, we'd be OK. Great idea for a blog! Thank you, Ed Martin.