Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drop a Dime for Scott Brown (R-MA)

Riehl World View is reporting that Scott Brown Needs Help That Doesn't Cost Money:
Will wonders never cease. Unlike that refined and reserved blog demeanor I've witnessed over the years, it looks as though Sissy Willis knows how to get down to the dirty business of politics after all. Who'da thunk it? She's pitching in to help Scott Brown with phone calls. Evidently more help could be used, as well.
Here's Sissy Willis reporting that Scott Brown's bid to be the Bay State's next Senator is one step up from a toss-up:
Meanwhile on the homefront, we walked half an hour across the McArdle Bridge down Meridien Street to Maverick Station in East Boston this morning and took the T into Boston to phone bank in a backroom at MA GOP headquarters, 85 Merrimac Street, a couple of blocks north of City Hall. Closest T stop is Bowdoin, end of the Green BLUE (!) Line [Thanks to MD in the comments for the correction. We KNEW it was blue not green, darn it], just after Government Center. Why are we tellng you all this? Because we're hoping that any of our readers who may be so inclined and live nearby will take the opportunity to put in a few hours to help our cause. They've got 22 totally awesome state-of-the-art phone-bank phones hooked up to their database, so you don't have to dial. Just press a few buttons. If you'd rather not step out, of course, you can theoretically call from the comfort of home...
If you have time, drop a dime for Scott Brown. A GOP victory would bring the number of number of Republican Senators to 41. That should be sufficient to defeat the pending healthcare legislation.

Update: Just saw this on Instapundit.
Reader Andrew Solovay writes:
And could there be a more fitting memorial to Ted Kennedy, than to have his successor be the one who drives Obamacare off a bridge?

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