Monday, June 8, 2009

You Go Girl: Dana Loesch is #1!!!

The lovely and talented Dana Loesch tops John Hawkins' list of The 15 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media. Dana has an extensive empire: she blogs at Mamalogues, Dana Radio, and BlogHer; she's got a radio show on 97.1FM; and she's active on Facebook. I met Dana at the Arnold/100 Days Tea Party, so, given her much deserved fame, I'm invoking The Other McCain's rule #5 and re-posting the above pouty protest babe picture.

I've got video of her from both the Saint Louis Tea Party (parts 5 and 6, I think):

...and the Arnold Tea Party (skip the first segment in the following playlist):

Update: The top of the list for Rule 5 Sunday! Thanks Smitty! Dana's Sunday evening radio show goes live at 8PM Central. You can listen at after a free registration.

I've gotten a second Rule 5 link for a picture of Dana Loesch. Perhaps I should setup a Dana photo gallery...

My latest coverage of Dana Loesch.

1 comment:

jack said...

read the article and they missed one of the hottest conservatives out there. Sharise Parviz Of Restrained No More. Conservative actress: smart, witty and hot.

Not sure how they could have overlooked her.
Maybe they will catch her next year