Sunday, June 14, 2009

FairTax Rally in Columbia, MO

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Saturday's FairTax Rally in Columbia, but at least one Saint Louis area blogger covered it.

The Gateway Pundit, is trying to elbow me out of my interviewing niche. Hey, Jim, next time you're conducting an interview, if you can't find a battalion of running air conditioner condensors for a backdrop, look around for a passing freight train! (mghoft, let me know where to send the check ;-) Here's the Gateway Pundit's coverage of the FairTax Rally. He's got a shot (reproduced below) of The Black Sphere's Kevin Jackson (L) with Herman Cain (R), former Chairman of Godfather's pizza. Kevin just published a book: The Big Black Lie. It might make an excellent father's day gift!

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Unknown said...

Herman Cain and Kevin Jackson!
Kevin MC'd the TeaParty segment of the rally and Herman continued the fire into the FairTax Rally!
This was a dynamite event! Let's keep the energy rolling!