Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where's St Louis's 4th of July Tea Party?

Bill Hennessy is looking for a venue for the Independence Day Tea Party here in Saint Louis. He writes:
If you know of a good location with ample parking, please let us know.

These locations have already been considered and rejected for one reason or another:

  • Forest Park
  • Downtown (anywhere)
  • Spirit of St. Louis Airport Fairgrounds
  • Jefferson Barracks
My suggestion is to hold our Tea Party on Friday night (July 3rd). There's simply no way to compete with all the other stuff on the 4th—the 4th brings national attention to Saint Louis because of the fireworks over the Arch, so everything's booked a year in advance. I also like the idea of kicking off the Tea Parties around the country on the 3rd.

An obvious alternative would be to close out the country's weekend Tea Parties with a Sunday (July 5th) evening event. That's my second favorite option.

I'd like to see us integrate better with other area Tea Parties. I don't really know what that entails beyond plugging them... If we scale down and do multiple, smaller Friday evening Micro-brew Tea Parties in Saint Louis, we could encourage our Tea Partiers to attend other Tea Party events on Saturday. The different micro-brews could each have a narrow, topical focus. For instance, we might have one focusing on how to use social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook. Another might focus on citizen journalism. While others focus on our traditional topics of fiscal responsibility, limiting and simplifying taxation, reducing spending, and increasing government transparency.

Update: The Saint Louis 4th of July Tea Party will be held in Washington, Missouri.

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