Monday, June 8, 2009

Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference Video Wrap-up

Ed Martin Interview

This is fifteen minute interview with Ed Martin. Ed is the force behind the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference, the American Issues Project, and Circular Letter.

David Limbaugh

David was a featured speaker at Thursday's lunch. He spoke for about 25 minutes. The Missouri Record has the transcript. I did not properly focus the camera so David is, unfortunately, out of focus. There's a reason why Rush says "don't try this at home."

Senator Norm Coleman

Norm was a featured speaker at Thursday's lunch. He spoke for about 28 minutes. While the focus is good on this one, I did have a little problem with the tape running out. Fortunately, I saw that this was going to happen and was able to grab my mini-video camera and record the rest on it. The mini-video camera has a fixed focal length which means that I was not able to zoom in on the Senator, so that's why the image changes. You may hear my five month old voice her opinions in this one.

Bill Hennessy Interview

I talked with Bill Hennessy about both the state of the Saint Louis Tea Party movement (part 1) and blogging (part 2). Each segment is about five minutes.

Citizen Journalism

If you're thinking about doing some of your own citizen journalism, go for it! It's not that hard, even with a five month old. That doesn't necessarily mean running out and video taping everything, though there's a need for that. I think as we become more organized here in St Louis we'll not only get more complete coverage (checkout the Missouri Record blog for great CHLC coverage), but we'll also share the work and specialize better.

On the technical side.... I've got to be more diligent about camera focus. The background noise is a problem in several of the videos. I'll be working on that, too. I've upgraded my Internet connection. That's a requirement if you're going to be uploading videos. The hardware I use for rendering seems to be the bottleneck now.

Cross Coverage:

Note: I have HD versions of the above videos available online. Please contact me if you would like to incorporate them into your reporting.

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