Friday, June 26, 2009

Cap and Tax Passes without ANY Republican Support *UPDATED*

Gateway Pundit is reporting that the Democrat's "Cap and Tax" bill passed without any Republican support. Republicans must remain united like this in their shouts of: No we wont!

Bravo to the House Republicans! Keep up the fight!

The clerk of the House has the Cap and Tax roll call (updated link).

Update: Michelle Malkin (via Gateway Pundit) is reporting:
At approx. 2:35pm Eastern, GOP Rep. Joe Barton announced that there is now a placeholder in the bill to be determined later.

Barton notes that this is unprecedented. He can’t recall any final passage of a bill that has a placeholder in it.
What in the world!!!

The early reports were apparently mistaken. Eight Republicans supported the bill. Here they are linked to their House webpages:
The Left Coast Rebel has a much more detailed review of the turncoat eight.

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