Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party

Wow. Just wow. It was fun covering it. I've got a lot of video from the event. I'll be putting it on YouTube in the coming days.

Kiener Plaza... Brutal venue. Fountains everywhere. Street noise. Trees block the overhead shots obscuring the crowd size. Concrete pillars all around the stage. And the sun... it was great to see it after a few days of rain, but it made a lot of shots near impossible.

You can listen to my reports here. I really liked their setup, but I've got a complaint and some suggestions for them. The complaint is that they "lost" my close-out report. I've reconstructed the URL for that one so you can listen to it now. The suggestions will be in another post.

There's much more on the PJTV page for the Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party.

Check back in the coming days for more videos from the Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party!

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