Friday, April 17, 2009

Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party Crowd Estimate: 7,000 *UPDATED*

Before the Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party, Bill Hennessy said we might see 5,000 people or more at the event. PJTV is reporting the attendance at 5,000. I think that's low.

The clip above includes Dana's comment during the event that a park ranger said there were between 6,000 and 7,000. While not included in the clip, Bill said the attendance was closer to 10,000 in his closing remarks. That could be padding the statistics, so I'm going with the lower 7k. As I mentioned before, it's a tough venue for an accurate crowd count. Nonetheless, PJTV should up there estimate to 7,000—it was at least that.

See Also: Gateway Pundit puts it at 10k, Michael Williams,, and 24thState.

Update 4/18/2009: Saint Louis Tea Party is calling it 8,000. Here's the money quote:
Various media have given estimates ranging from 5,000 on the low end ( to 8,000 on the high end. KTVI Fox 2 news director compared the crowd to other events, saying, “That’s the most people I’ve ever seen in Kiener Plaza–except, maybe, before a Cardinals World Series game.”
Update 4/19/2009: According to this estimate, there were 12,000 people at the Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party. That sounds... um... "generous;" however, there were people in one of the fountains:

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