Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally! *UPDATED*

There it is. The whole Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party. It's two gigs and a little over an hour long. Download and remix it if you want. When I recover, I'll do an annotated post with my full coverage of the Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party. I may do a separate post with lessons learned or just tuck those into the coverage post... I'm not sure. Give me a day or three to get to that. FWIW, the choke point for me was uploading the video.

I make a few introductory comments at the beginning, but I'm silent for the vast majority of the show. rocks! Sometimes $30/year is less expensive than free ( It's kinda like one of the signs I saw on tax day: "You think health care is expensive now, wait until its free!"

I've cross posted this at PJTV.

Update 4/20/2009: I didn't get an email explaining why the video was taken down. You'd think they'd at least tell you that... Perhaps the background music at the beginning is the problem? I've contacted to find out more... And I FedEx'd a DVD with the source to PJTV. Perhaps they can help. I'll trim the music and re-submit as soon as possible. It takes at least 15 hours to upload, so don't hit reload hoping to see it!

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The Black Sphere said...

This video quality was AWESOME!