Saturday, April 25, 2009

My First Gig as a Reporter (pt3)

This is my third "lessons learned" post about covering the Saint Louis Tax Day Tea Party as a PJTV Citizen Reporter. My first post focused on my audio reporting. The second discusses my video work with an emphasis on the expectations of content creators and broadcasters and the architecture of a distribution model. This post will extend my thoughts about web based edit decision lists (EDLs)... As commenter JayDee pointed out on my second post, what I'm really talking about is a combination of video logging (not vlogging) and EDLs.

I'd like to see or a similar site provide tools for annotating video. What I'm looking for is a way to markup source video so that it can be easily found. Not just found in the sense of going to the three minutes you want to see in a one hour piece. I mean found in the sense that you googled "Saint Louis Tea Party crowd size" and get links to Dana Loesch's thirty second bit as well as Bill Hennessy's comments at the event. I used Dana's remarks in this one minute spot:

Could the Google results look something like the image below? This is sort of like the links I discussed in pt2; however, unlike there are two highlighted clips. I'd want controls to play the segments, change the in-out times, give a star rating to the content, add or change an annotation, and remix the clip.
The image above is a modified version of's trim interface. In other words, they already have a tool for doing basic edits. I've used it a little. It's good for what it does. Now lets see a web-based video logging tool. Public annotations will be indexed by Google and other search engines bringing source video, in its original context, to their search results.

There will be a part 4. Look for it Monday or Tuesday.

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