Thursday, May 3, 2012

Todd Akin Speaks to the Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance

Republican candidate for the US Senate from Missouri Todd Akin spoke to the Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance earlier this week. Akin spoke about his conservative record in the US House of Representatives--a record which has earned him an 80% rating from Heritage Action, the best rating of Missouri's Congressional delegation. He intertwined his family's story with American history in talking about our core values of liberty, faith, and freedom. After his 18 minute introduction, Akin took questions from the audience (below).

Akin faces a crowded field in the August Republican primary against John Brunner, Sarah Steelman, and Hector Maldonado. If he prevails, he'll face Democrat Claire McCaskill next November.

1 comment:

freespeak said...

I liked this guy from the moment I first heard him speak at Jeff. County Tea.
He passes the "smell" test that he "can win".
I actually believed him....
well, okay, so far I believe him.
But at this time, he'd get my vote.