Monday, May 14, 2012

Richard Mourdock's Message Resonates

Richard Mourdock's 21 point margin of victory in last Tuesday's GOP primary for US Senate in Indiana is having ripple effects. The most obvious ripple occurred in Indiana on election day with Joe Donnelly (D-IN). Currently, Donnelly is serving in the House of Representatives and on May 8th he abandoned fellow Democrats as he joined House Republicans calling for a subpoena of Attorney General Eric Holder in regards to Operation Fast and Furious. Mourdock will face Donnelly on the November ballot to determine which man will represent Indiana in the US Senate.

Pictured at right is Democrat Jessica Ehrlich who is hoping to unseat Bill Young (R-FL). When Ehrlich announced her candidacy in February, I reported:
Bill Young has been representing Florida in the US House of Representatives since 1970--almost 42 years. The total accumulated debt of the United States when Young entered Congress was less than $392 billion. Today, it's nearly 42 times that at a whopping $15.4 trillion according to the US Debt Clock. With respect to the debt problem, Bill Young does not appear to be the solution.
Today, the US Debt clock indicates that our total debt is over $15.7 trillion. In the two and a half months since Ehrlich's announcement, the national debt has increased almost as much as it had in the 195 years preceding Bill Young's service in the United States House of Representatives.

In her May 10th campaign email, Ehrlich took a page from Richard Mourdock's play book. The subject line of the email was Mourdock's campaign slogan: "It's Time". Hey, you go with what works.

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