Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rally for Common Sense Wrap-up

Conservatives from around the midwest flocked to the Patriot Field of Dreams on May 19th, 2012, to attend the Rally for Common Sense in Holts Summit, Missouri. Dozens of speakers and musicians informed and entertained a crowd of about a thousand people. The YouTube playlist above includes the following videos:
  1. Introduction, Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance to Begin the Rally
  2. Michelle Moore spoke of the need to get actively involved in the political system as polling judges/challengers on election days, lobbying your elected officials, and being informed about the issues
  3. Mason Weaver spoke about the rise of tribalism, Obama's flip-flop on gay marriage, and the uniqueness of America's Civil War in which: "brother fought brother to set strangers free."
  4. Dr Gina Loudon spoke about how the current administration has diminished the office of the presidency and the need to restore honor among our elected officials
  5. Lenny McAllister spoke about taking back the greatness of the American dream and the need for each of us must be interactive with our patriotism
  6. K Carl Smith explained how to reach out to the black community with Frederick Douglass's life story and the values that he represents
  7. Gary Nolan spoke about how the Tea Party has transformed American politics and needs to continue the fight
  8. Grandma is a Radical is an original song performed at the Rally for Common Sense
  9. Bill Looman "went on strike" refusing to hire any more employees until after Obama leaves office to protest the onerous regulations of the current administration
  10. Stacy Swimp spoke about how conservatives have conceded to progressives and challenged the attendees to put pressure on their legislators to pass right to work laws
  11. David Roland spoke about the legal fight he helped litigate on behalf of girl scouts who had been fined for selling cookies in their driveway
  12. Selena Owens spoke about how conservative women will help transform the country and their role fighting against Washington, DC's war on women
  13. Stacy Washington spoke about her transformation to conservatism and the role her Christian faith played in that transformation
  14. Alfonzo Rachel spoke of the importance of Christian values and America's founders in forming his conservative political views
  15. C. L. Bryant spoke about our endowment of God-given freedoms and the need to restrain government
  16. Kevin Jackson spoke about the role Democrats have played in exploiting blacks from the founding of the country
  17. William Temple plays "Button Gwinnett" at the Rally for Common Sense
  18. Alan Keyes spoke about the need to be honest with ourselves about the problems now confronting America and how the Republican and Democrat parties collude to further the interests of the elite establishment
  19. Herman Cain talked about the ongoing Tea Party revolution, his plan to reform the tax system, and the American Dream
There's more video over at including video of Darin Chappell (I had camera issues during his speech) and video of Alfonzo Rachel that's actually in focus unlike mine--sorry Zo!

It was an amazing group of speakers. I thought the best political/moral/philosophical commentary was from Alan Keyes, so if you've got a little over half an hour, I think you'll enjoy what he has to say. When it comes to pragmatic political outreach to the black community, K. Carl Smith's framing of the discussion around Fredrick Douglass's life and philosophy was tremendous. Make sure you watch that and then go get his book: Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite America's Passion for Liberty.

The total running time for all of the videos above is a little over four hours.

Photos of some of the speakers:

IMG_1191 IMAG1195 IMG_1142
K Carl Smith Alfonzo Rachel
Selena Owens Dr. Gina Loudon IMAG1190
Stacy Swimp Kevin Jackson
IMG_1136 william temple Gary Nolan



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