Friday, December 3, 2010

Unemployment up to 9.8%

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The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that the Economy Added Fewer Jobs Than Expected in November as the unemployment rate edged up to 9.8%:
Nonfarm payrolls rose by 39,000 last month as private-sector employers added only 50,000 jobs, the Labor Department said Friday. The October number was revised up slightly to show a 172,000 increase from a previous estimate of 151,000.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Employment Situation Report (link will break in a month) shows that the number of discouraged workers was up to 1.3 million. That's 421,000 more discouraged workers than a year ago and 54,000 more than October. Discouraged workers are those people that are no longer looking for work because they don't believe they'll find a job.

Speaker to be John Boehner weighed in on the unemployment numbers with a press release:
Any sign of job growth in this struggling economy is encouraging, but clearly no match for the uncertainty families and small businesses are facing, which is why we must cut spending and stop all the looming tax hikes.

Unfortunately, Democratic leaders continue to insist on wasting time with meaningless votes as they try to make it as difficult as possible to stop their job-killing tax hike. Families and small businesses have had enough of politicians in Washington talking about creating jobs while doing everything in their power to kill more jobs. This is exactly the kind of Washington game-playing the American people voted against on Election Day. The lame-duck Congress should do the right thing and vote immediately to cut spending and stop all the tax hikes. If they don’t, the new House majority will in January.

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