Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ed Martin Demands Action from AG Chris Koster

I just got the following in an email from the Ed Martin for Congress campaign:
Campaign Requests Action by Koster, Carnahan Over Election Irregularities
“Robin Carnahan must answer why she failed to maintain database and Koster must investigate St. Louis Election Board misconduct”

St. Louis - In November, Missourians faced unexpected trouble and questionable conduct by election officials. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s statewide voter database failed for most of election day resulting in election day chaos that forced some voters to cast ballots provisionally or being turned away from the polls. In addition, an election official with the City of St. Louis has now admitted to conduct that appears to violate state and local law.

The Ed Martin for Congress campaign has, in keeping with its commitment to fight for the rights of citizens, continued in its efforts to hold officials accountable. To that end, the campaign has asked Attorney General Chris Koster to investigate the admissions by St. Louis Election Chair Eileen McCann that she inappropriately hired a security firm that was also under contract with candidate Congressman Russ Carnahan. The campaign also requested that Secretary of State Robin Carnahan explain to citizens why she failed to operate the statewide database.

“Citizens place their trust in election official like Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and Election Board Chair Eileen McCann and, then these official violate that trust, the integrity of our democracy is threatened” said Ed Martin. “We need a full investigation and a frank explanation of what went wrong and why so we can begin to rebuild the trust. Democracy needs it and Missourians deserve it.”

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freespeak said...

This is good news...if you can call it that.
It's about time integrity is at the forefront, instead of it being trashed as being frivolous.
Many things like this , have been cropping up, because the people are fighting HARD for liberty and founding principles.
Godly principles never fail.

Live free or die!