Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Obama Administration Supporting Communists Abroad

Dilma Vana Rousseff, Minister-Chief of Staff o...Image via Wikipedia
From a profile of Brazil’s new radical president Dilma Rousseff we learn that President Obama skipped the left-of-center party to throw his support to the hard-left party:
When [Dilma Rousseff's] campaign for presidency kicked off in February 2009, the campaign presented her as the one to continue Lula’s largely market friendly policies and social welfare programs. She told voters that she was “going to follow Lula’s path.” In March 2009, following a meeting with Barack Obama in the United States, Obama promptly asked his campaign strategists to reject a request by Brazil’s Social Democrats (PSDB) and to instead advise Dilma’s campaign.

The significance of this move cannot be overstated. president Obama used his authority to transfer Democratic Party support from a comparatively moderate, leftist party, to a full blown ally of the Communist Party of Brazil. Lula’s Workers’ Party, which includes major communist and Trotskyist factions, has been openly allied to the Communist Party since 1989.

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