Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Missouri's Democrat Leadership

Incumbent Senator Claire McCaskillImage via Wikipedia
By now everyone's heard that Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has called for Americans to take up their pitchforks, but many people may not have heard the rest of what she said:
"[The Republican Party is] worried about the people who can't decide which home to go to over the Christmas holidays. They're worried about the people who might take a jaunt to Europe for the new year. They're not worried about those people who are packing those town halls, because those folks are the middle class," she said.
Fortunately, another Missouri Democrat provides a solution for deciding which home to go to over the Christmas holidays. Susan Montee, recently lost her re-election bid for State Auditor, but in her new role as Miss Congeniality chairman of the Democratic State Party, she wrote this to her supporters:
I was momentarily stumped on Saturday when a reporter asked me what part of the state I considered home and would best represent. Having lived almost everywhere and loved them all, I could have answered almost any place. In the end, I just named the place with the biggest pile of laundry awaiting my attention.
While it may be unwise for our out-going auditor to imply that her dirty laundry is strewn across the Show Me State, I can only hope that, armed with that knowledge, local activist will do their best to air it out. If, however, you're trying to decide which of your homes to go to over Christmas, Montee recommends the one with the most laundry.

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For a dissection of Claire's comments using her own pitchfork!!