Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Russ Carnahan Dodges his Yacht Tax

Wednesday morning, Ed Martin, a Republican candidate for Missouri's Third Congressional district, called on Russ Carnahan to pay back taxes that he owes for the yacht he kept across the river in Alton, IL. Martin compared Carnahan to John Kerry who recently paid back taxes on a yacht he mored in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes in his home state of Massachusetts.

Jake Wagman of the St. Louis Post Dispatch was there. I believe he contributed to a story about Russ Carnahan having sold the yacht a month ago. To the best of my knowledge no one at Ed Martin's press conference was aware of the sale; however, this does not negate Congressman Carnahan's obligation to pay the property taxes that he owes. covered the Carnahan yacht story last Friday.

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equals42 said...

Just dumb stuff. Lots of people like my neighbor keep their boats in Alton because that's where they like to boat. Not taxes. Most of the fun areas on the river are north of Chain of Rocks. Stupid politics.