Friday, July 23, 2010

A Purgason TV Ad

It's an interesting ad. Hopefully it will sway a few votes to Chuck Purgason (R-MO) on August 3rd. Purgason is the leading challenger to Roy Blunt (R-MO) in the GOP primary for US Senate. The fascinating thing about the ad is the last line: "Paid for by Joe the Plumber and friends." I took that as a rebuttal of Tony Messenger (of the Post Dispatch) who suggested that Purgason was paying Joe the Plumber for the endorsement.


freespeak said...

Let's get serious, Purgason.
I personally do not feel J.the P.'s or anyone else's endorsement, right now, will make ANY difference.
We want to know what YOU stand for!
And aren't we going after the moderates as well?
Party or anti-Obama (not in this...yet) will not be what matters (though we know it does to US in support for majority takeover).
What matters is your attitude to this country, the Constitution, pure honesty, and everything else).
So, let's get REAL.

Elaine @ Founding Fathers Tea said...

I am for Chuck Purguson! Blunt is one of those (nice guy and all) but he's been in DC for years!

I want new Constitutionalist blood up there, so I am for Chuck Purguson.