Thursday, April 26, 2012

Richard Mourdock TV Spot: Too Long

From the Mourdock press release:
INDIANAPOLIS (April 25, 2012) – Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, conservative U.S. Senate Candidate in the Republican Primary on May 8th against 36 year incumbent Dick Lugar, announced the airing of “Too Long” a TV ad recapping how the Senator has lost touch with his conservative Hoosier roots. 
“After 36 years in Washington, D.C., Dick Lugar has truly lost touch with his conservative Hoosier values by voting for Obama’s liberal Supreme Court judges, amnesty for illegal immigrants, supporting higher taxes and even appearing in President Obama’s campaign commercials in 2008,” stated Mourdock spokesman Christopher Conner. 
Last Wednesday, the Mourdock campaign released a poll showing Mourdock leading Lugar in this race 42% to 41%. 
VO: When Dick Lugar moved to Washington, he left behind more than his house. He left behind his conservative Hoosier values.
Voting for more earmarks,Vote #8, S. Amdt. 1472 to S. Amdt. 1470 to S. 2038, 02/02/2012.
Obama’s liberal Supreme Court choices,Vote #262, PN506, 8/06/2009.
Vote #107, PN67, 03/19/2009.
Amnesty for illegals,Vote #625, HR5281, 12/18/2010.
Even supporting a dollar a gallon gas tax.The Washington Post, 2/1/2009
Now they call him, “Obama’s Favorite Republican.”MSNBC, 10/17/2008.
Lugar’s been in Washington thirty-six years.
That’s too long.
Time for a change.
I’m Richard Mourdock, and I approve this messagePaid for by Hoosiers for Richard Mourdock, Inc. Approved by Richard Mourdock.

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