Monday, April 30, 2012

Dick Lugar Advertising in St. Louis Too!

Legal Insurrection is reporting (h/t: Instapundit):
Dick Lugar has announced that his campaign will target cell phone users browsing the internet in zip codes where Richard Mourdock events are taking place. 
The targeted ads will repeat the misleading claim, already debunked by, that Mourdock cheated on taxes.  This is yet another sign of Lugar desperation.
Oh, no, he's cast the net much wider than that!

Above is a screen capture I made a week ago of a Lugar ad. I live in St. Louis, Missouri, which is certainly closer to the precincts that will be voting in Indiana's May 8th primary than Dick Lugar's Virginia residence, but, alas, I am no more eligible to cast a ballot in that election than he is.

Please do your part to help Lugar's opponent Richard Mourdock. I have.


freespeak said...

This is such sleezy politics...
I guess all is fair in war, though.
The tables could be turned with ads on Lugar's record...and it's not pretty.
It could at least neutralize the attacks.

How about this baby ?:
" AT&T gave $386,000 to the Tea Party Caucus and to politicians such as Rep. Michele Bachman, R-Minn., who tops polls in Iowa for the Republican presidential nomination.
“CREDO would never give a dime to the Tea Party,” continues the site. “When you join CREDO, you’ll join a movement dedicated to defeating right-wing radicalism.”
Soros-linked Cell Company Launches war on Tea Party Lawmakers. Progressive Phone Service Aims to Purge House of Populist Movement:

freespeak said...

This is clean and constructive:

"It’s not clear how the Lugar ads will work, but if they work like most online ads, it will cost Lugar money each time someone clicks on the link, which will use up the funds allotted to running ads.

I’m not suggesting that Mourdock supporters obsessively click on Lugar cell phone targeted ads near Mourdock campaign events in order to run up Lugar’s bill. Really, I’m not."