Monday, September 5, 2011

A Zombie Army of Progressive Propagandists

Image from Talk to me Johnnie
If you're still reading a local paper, you might want to discount the leftie letters to the editor. Be on the lookout for a flurry of faux letters from a zombie army of progressive propagandists. From 24thState: Disciplined McCaskill Staffer Bob Burns Leading Another Charge To Smear Tea Party As Violent Thugs And Terrorists:
...the Progressive Left, doing the bidding of Claire McCaskill, has decided to poison the well of public opinion with propaganda. Unable to muster actual passion from the community, the Left has decided to use violent imagery from fake letter writing campaigns to sway newspaper readers.
  • GOP are “thugs” working for the wealthy; “enforcers” for the mega-rich, lots of mafia comparisons are possible.
  • GOP as terrorists; hostage metaphors are good since they are already prevalent; we should always reinforce the image.
  • The Republican downgrade or Tea Party downgrade.
  • GOP as tricksters – Tea Party dupes is a related image.
Bob Burns, a former McCaskill staffer who apparently lost his job for calling Tea Partiers "brownshirts", is involved with the leadership of MOPAG. McCaskill deserves credit for speedily dealing with Burns that first time, but she should also condemn this new, orchestrated propaganda because it's feeding the violent messaging within the union left as well as her own party.

It certainly appears that Jimmy Hoffa got the memo from Burns. While introducing President Obama, Hoffa told "workers to "take these son-of-a-bitches out" as he warmed up a crowd Monday in Detroit ahead of President Obama's Labor Day speech" (as reported by Fox).

And it appears that Vice President Joe Biden got the Burns's memo, too. While speaking to the AFL-CIO, Biden declared: "you are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates."

McCaskill has done well talking to the middle of the political spectrum, but will she walk the talk? It remains to be seen if she will reject MOPAG, Hoffa, and their hateful rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

How can Claire be "walking the middle of the political road" with a 5% conservative rating from Heritage Action for America, which was a lower rating than socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), former House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and the entire Missouri congressional delegation (even Carnahan and Clay)?

dsm said...


That's a fair criticism. I've updated the post to better reflect what I meant.

It's always surprising to me how middle of the road she sounds given her voting record. When I've seen her speak or heard her on the radio, she comes across as a moderate.

freespeak said...

wrote a dooser against GOP MO
Jefferson County Leader Sept.1 p13A "Tea Party senators carrying water for insurance giants" BunnieGronberg BAD NEWS
(unless you saw my twitters yesterday?

freespeak said...
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freespeak said...

What happened to the anonymous category for reply...Google?

dsm said...


I disabled anonymous replies.