Monday, September 12, 2011

Van Jones Wants to Pop the Tea Party "Bubble". Is he Ready for the After Party?

The video above is from Naked Emperor News. Van Jones's goal may be to pop the Tea Party bubble, but his tactics probably wont appeal to the mainstream. When Van Jones visited Washington University in St. Louis last November, he couldn't handle an interview with Adam Sharp. He calls out the police at about 5:10 in this video:

The St. Louis Tea Party has recognized that it's time for change. We saw the success of the Tea Party movement at the ballot box success during the 2010 mid-term election, but now we need to transform into something new to meet the changing political realities. That is one of the motivations behind the After Party which will seek to engage Tea Party activists in the retail politics of their own neighborhood. The first meeting of the After Party will be this Thursday evening in Clayton (RSVP). St. Louis Tea Party co-founder Bill Hennessy has written extensively about the After Party:

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