Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reports of Nerve Gas in Yemen

Armies of Liberation (via The Jawa Report) reported on the violence in Yemen:
The live stream on AJ has dozens if not hundreds down. Also internet cut. One dead is ID’d as well known poet from Murad.

Gas victims shaking unable to move, having convulsions. Ambulances blocked. Foaming at the mouth.
There's much more at Global Voices including this:
One protester reportedly died in that attack, and up to 70 were injured. Protesters say that security forces also used what they thought was tear gas to disperse the crowd. However, a few doctors treating the injured said they had never seen these symptoms with people affected by tear gas, including convulsions, loosing muscular control and even paralysis.
Then there are the tweets (h/t Global Voices):
@ionacraig: I'm no chemicals expert but symptoms last night did not inc. eye & skin irritation like teargas. Ppl just passed out after trouble breathing

@ionacraig: Four people ended up in ICU with brain edema from the gas last night, according to doctor. #yemen #yf #sanaa

@JebBoone: At Sana'a Uni now. All out war. Gas, riot trucks, stone throwing, shooting, tires burning, fighting b/t protesters and Soldiers. #Yemen #YF

@qahwagi_m: one of the bottles of gases used in the attack on Tagheer square in #Sanaa is CN gas
CN is a type of tear gas according to Wikipedia; however, the symptoms identified above are not consistent with CN or other tear gases. Australia's Sky News notes the reports of nerve gas. The way nerve gas works is to cause all of your muscles to convulse. The antidote causes your muscles to relax. You literally can't move for a couple weeks. Is there any indication that antidotes were given to the victims?

BigPeace reported a couple weeks ago that Iran was "using a new “tear gas” that renders those exposed into a state of semi paralysis and violent sickness." My guess is that all the tyrants have the stuff now.

Update: After speaking with some of the Yemeni protesters, I now believe it's likely that American made CN tear gas was used against them.

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