Monday, March 7, 2011

Dem Senator wants Border Meeting

CNN is reporting on Wisconsin's governor and Democrat standoff:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Monday dismissed as 'ridiculous' a letter from a Democratic state Senate leader who suggested a meeting 'near the Wisconsin-Illinois border' to discuss the state's budget impasse.
Wisconsin state Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R) also chimed in on the matter with a letter of his own which reads in part:
Dear Senator Miller,

Thank you for your hand-delivered letter with an offer to meet, in Illinois, about the business and future direction of Wisconsin.

Let’s set aside how bizarre that is for a moment.
No. Let's not. I think we'd all benefit by focusing on exactly how odd it is for a minority of state senators to ask a majority of state senators to meet outside of the state that they all represent. That's what deposed despots do. They abandon their banana republic for a sympathetic neighboring country.

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GRHutch said...

It seems to me that there should be some way that that these elected
officials can be removed from office.

In Missouri, some years ago, a county prosecuting attorney was removed from office because he was not showing up to work and discharging his duties.

He had a disabling illness, but still he was not full filling his oath of office.

These elected legislators are NOT full filling there oaths of office
is my bet. And if that is so, then remove them from office.