Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busing Union Protesters in WI

A friend emailed the picture to the right of union protesters in Masison, WI, getting on school buses after a long day of protests. With the schools closed due to union protests, I guess the children didn't need 'em. President Obama's has, of course, sided with the unions, so perhaps his Organizing For America is financing those buses. Below are more pictures of union members waiting for and getting onto buses.

John Fund has written about the protests in The Wall Street Journal and indicates in his closing paragraph that similar protests may be coming to Missouri:
Mr. Walker's argument—that public workers shouldn't be living high off the hog at the expense of taxpayers—is being made in other states facing budget crises. But the left observed the impact of the tea party last year and seems determined to unleash a more aggressive version of its own by teaming up with union allies. Organizing for America is already coordinating protests against proposed reforms in Ohio, Michigan and Missouri.

Update: Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the link! I got an email from my source for the photos. The email reads:
Pics were taken at the corner of Wisconsin Ave. and E. Dayton St. near Madison Concourse Hotel just before 6pm not only did I see new buses in the pics but older model buses were picking up protesters with most wearing red shirts. Wish I could have got more information but as I said last night I wasn't exactly welcome...


Forgotten Liberty said...

Those are definitely school buses. If those buses are public property I'm willing to bet some laws are being broken. Hopefully some of these greedy whiners lose their jobs over this.

Unknown said...

What school district were those school buses from?