Friday, August 27, 2010

Tell Ike Skelton to choose Principle over Pelosi

Yesterday, I received the following from the Heritage Foundation:
Today, the Washington-based Politico said Democrats now believe Congressman Ike Skelton’s job could be in jeopardy.
Yet Democratic concern continues to manifest itself in a variety of ways, including the purchasing of ads in districts — like that of veteran Ike Skelton of Missouri — that historically are only in play in miserable political years and were not considered at risk several months ago. And then there are more subtle hints that professional Democrats are worried — lobbyists are reporting a noticeable uptick in House committee staffers looking for jobs.
I just wanted to reiterate that Heritage Action for America is engaged in an television ad campaign in MO-4, asking why Ike Skelton has not signed the discharge petition that would repealing the new health care law, which he opposed in March. The ad ties him to Nancy Pelosi. It also directs people to our webpage so they can email and call the Congressman, asking why he is siding with Pelosi, instead of the American people.

This is building into a major narrative this fall – whether or not Democrats from conservative districts can distance themselves enough from their Speaker and the policies of the party.
There's more at the Heritage website. If Democrat Ike Skelton is unwilling to sign the discharge petition voters in MO-4 should vote for his opponent, Vicky Hartzler. They may want to do that anyway.

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