Monday, August 23, 2010

Organic Guilt

Eric S. Raymond at Armed and Dangerous on organic guilt:
Ah, but then came the deadly disclaimers. “VEGAN GLUTEN-FREE NO GMOs NO TRANS FAT.” and “We support local and fair-trade sources growing certified organic, transitional, and pesticide-free products.” Aaaarrrgggh! Suddenly my lovely potential snack was covered with an evil-smelling miasma of diet-faddery, sanctimony, political correctness, and just plain nonsense. This, I find, is a chronic problem with buying “organic”.


catdaddio42 said...

The best description of the new "foodie religion" I've seen is the paper from the Hoover Institute at It's fun and interesting.

catdaddio42 said...

The best explanation of the insanity that is the new foodie religion is a paper that asks "Is food the new sex?" Check it out at