Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Democrats Expect to Lose the House

Politico is reporting Democrats privately fear that their prospects of retaining the House are worsening:
Yet Democratic concern continues to manifest itself in a variety of ways, including the purchasing of ads in districts – like that of veteran Ike Skelton of Missouri -- that historically are only in play in miserable political years and were not considered at risk several months ago. And then there are more subtle hints that professional Democrats are worried -- lobbyists are reporting a noticeable uptick in House committee staffers looking for jobs.
If you'd like to bring change to Washington by supporting the opponent of Ike Skelton (D-MO), checkout Vicky Hartzler (R-MO). She's running a strong campaign in America's heartland. The Politico article continues:
What Democrats are watching most closely right now is to see if the field of at-risk seats does indeed keep expanding. There are fresh concerns about Reps. Allen Boyd of Florida, Jim Marshall of Georgia and Leonard Boswell of Iowa – all of whom were recently moved into the toss-up category by respected handicapper Charlie Cook.

In addition, Reps. Ben Chandler of Kentucky and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of South Dakota were both outraised by their opponents this past quarter, increasing concern about their races.
That field of at-risk seats will soon include Russ Carnahan (D-MO). His opponent, Ed Martin (R-MO), is running a strong campaign. Of course, Carnahan makes Ed's job is easier when he ignores a constituent's question and runs away, claims to be fiscally conservative despite his Porker of the Month award, and confirms that a disgruntled employee "firebombed" his office. The scary thing is all three of those stories broke in the past twenty-four hours.

The Carnahan crew's yacht is taking on water, and we're not talking a little water like you might see from a leaky roof at the Crystal Ballroom or his residence. No we're talking about water in quantities not seen since his lobbyist funded trips to the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, and Antarctica.

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