Wednesday, August 5, 2009

99 Corners Project

Over the weekend, Bill Hennessy wrote about the inspiration he took from a 67 year old Tea Partier named Janet who drew a crowd of 80 people on a rainy Saturday. Bill's vision is to get many more leaders like Janet. He wants "99 leaders to identify a location, day, and time for a weekly 1-hour protest. These protests will run through at least September 30."

The Tea Party movement needs leaders. America's future leaders are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, so we need the leaders of yesterday to lead again... and the spouses, children, and even grandchildren of America's future leaders to step up.

But an hour a week through September 30th... some people will think that's huge commitment. Some will decide not to participate because they'll be on vacation one week and a business trip another.

I would temper Bill's call like this: figure out how you can integrate activism and protesting into your lifestyle. Do it incrementally and with your friends, your network. If you can only do one hour. Get out and do that hour. If you can't fit it in, but you jog a couple times a week, then fashion a sign that you can wear while jogging. Let Bill know by sending an email to with the subject line "99 Corners Leader". And try to get a picture or video each time you're out. You can email it to Bill or myself and we will post it. If you start blogging and post the picture yourself, email us and we'll link to it! If you're in the Saint Louis area, let us know and we will try to stop by.

Make a difference on your corner of America, so we can make a difference in Washington.

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