Friday, August 7, 2009

Carnahan Townhall Report *UPDATED* shot the video above. After the gymnasium had filled up, the doors were closed. The crowd moved to a secondary door where some people were able to get in. The video at implies that only pro-Obamacare people got by. SharpElbows has an interview with someone who was at the secondary door.

I was inside and only a few feet away from the secondary door while the video above was recorded. Three or four policemen ran by to make sure the door was secured. I don't have a clear memory of how many people got in, but at least one of them got an earful from a police officer. I was on my way out and decided that a different door would be the best option.

I saw the folks that had entered late go directly into the gymnasium without signing in—perhaps they didn't know they were suppose to.

As I walked down the hall, I saw Kathy, one of Congressman Carnahan's (D-MO) staffers, at the sign-in table. I introduced myself as someone opposed to HR3200 and asked if I could interview the Congressman on camera about healthcare reform. I left my contact information and Kathy told me that I may not be contacted until HR3200 comes to the floor. I'd love to speak with the Congressman this month because I think a one-on-one interview between the Congressman and myself (and/or other constituents opposed to HR3200) will advance the healthcare debate while putting the rancor aside. We'll see.

Shortly after leaving the building, I heard the crowd singing God Bless America. I later learned that tensions had flared after the doors had been closed. Heated discussions ensued, but calm was restored as Tea Partiers began singing God Bless America.


The video above was shot as I arrived at the event. While I say that I got there at 5PM, it was really closer to 5:10.

In this video I ask Eileen about the "Band of Brothers" t-shirts she's selling, but the conversation quickly turns to the downturn in the economy. Both of her children are small business owners who have seen their business drop over the past several months. (Eileen, Thanks for the t-shirt! I tried emailing, but it bounced back.)

I had to go back to the car for provisions. As I was walking back I meet these three women with signs. I interviewed them and then, on the way back, they had turned their signs around, so I shot a second video of them. The first of these two takes a second to get going, but then it moves right along. The reason for that is that they don't know who I am and so they're not inclined to trust me. The development of rapport and trust within the Tea Party movement is a book length topic. I hope someone writes about it someday.

This is where I enter the gymnasium. Towards the end, you'll notice that the chairs closest to me have white paper "reserved" signs on them. It's a little hard to see those signs because of the camera angle.

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Anonymous said...

The tea partiers are getting the attention and fights they desire.

Actual discussions? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

No one in the Tea parties want a Fight, but We Will Not Back Down From Bullies....

We Are Not Going Away!

Liberty or Death

Anonymous said...

The tea partiers are not after liberty. They already have liberty. Like spoiled children the tea partiers want their way or no way.

Bushkill said...

Apologies sir. You err. Tea party folk are aware they have liberty. They are interested in KEEPING it and not having it co-opted by the govt.