Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steve Tilley bows out of Lieutenant Governor's Race

Republican Speaker of the Missouri House Steve Tilley has indicated that he will not seek election as Missouri's next Lieutenant Governor (LG), reports Missouri Scout. MOScout also notes that Tilley has amassed a huge war chest for this race:
Tilley had been piling up huge fundraising quarters for the past six month, reporting $1.5 million on-hand last month. That sum, together with a long list of endorsements ready to roll out, helped him clear the field for the Republican primary.
Moving from a state rep district to a state-wide race requires a commitment beyond just the dollars involved. You have to be willing to make a lot of personal sacrifices to put time in on the campaign trail. While I have not seen a statement from Tilley about his decision to abandon the LG race, I suspect he's realized the stress of such a campaign would take a toll on his family. It's good to see that he's taking a difficult step toward spending more time with his daughters. They do grow up and he'll never have that opportunity again.

Best of luck to Speaker Tilley in his future pursuits!

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