Friday, November 25, 2011

BUYcott Black Friday to Protest Occupy Wall Street

"Anti-Occupy Wall Street" groups are taking on the protesters of "Occupy Black Friday" with "BUYcott Black Friday."
Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America, a Tea Party coalition of groups countering the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, are challenging the latest move by Occupy Wall Street protesters to occupy or boycott publicly traded retailers on Black Friday by instead encouraging consumers to shop on Black Friday to help the economy recover.

Dr. Gina Loudon kicked off the first Tea Party BUYcott here in St. Louis over two years ago. That BUYcott was launched in an effort to show support for Whole Foods. With the OWS crowd protesting Black Friday shopping, it's fitting to see Liberate Philly/Liberate America promoting another BUYcott.

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