Friday, November 25, 2011

Lubricating the Banking Machine

ZeroHedge: Why Did The Fed Inject Banks With A Record Amount Of "Other" Cash In The Past Week?

In today's [Friday's] one-day delayed issue of the Fed's H.4.1, literally the very last number on the very last subpage in the weekly update reveals something quite disturbing. Namely the Fed's "other" non-reserve based factors absorbing liquidity. And specifically, the actual number, which rose by an unprecedented $88 billion in one week to an all time high of $115 billion for the week ended November 23!
We wonder: in this day and age of trillions in fungible excess reserves, and discount window stigmata, just what was it that caused US banks to demand a record amount of effectively under the table cash from the Fed?
One wonders what they're trying to fix with that. Was it fallout from the MF Global collapse? Is it a response to Europe's on-going debt crisis?

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