Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gov. Jay Nixon Changes His Tune on Trade with China

Midwest Democracy Project: Nixon not so bullish on China trade when running for governor:

In his 2008 campaign for governor against Republican Kenny Hulshof, Nixon said Hulshof’s support for improved trade relations resulted in thousands of Missourians losing their jobs when companies shifted production to Asia.

Nixon said that was the result of unfair trade deals.

“When Missouri jobs get shipped overseas, it hurts Missouri families. It hurts Missouri’s small businesses. It hurts Missouri’s communities,” Nixon said in a speech in Springfield that year.

Of course, Gov. Nixon called a special session to implement his central plans for an air cargo hub at Lambert-St. Louis Airport. The goal of the China Hub or "Aerotropolis" legislation is to facilitate trade with China. So in 2008 Nixon's view was that trade with China hurt Missouri families, small businesses, and communities. Today, he advocates for the China Hub legislation claiming that it will create jobs.

What will his position be tomorrow?

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