Monday, October 24, 2011

Dave Spence for Missouri Governor?

David Catanese of the POLITICO reports on possible Missouri gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence: If Kinder's out, I'm in:
St. Louis packaging executive Dave Spence told POLITICO Monday he will run for Missouri governor in 2012 if Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder passes on a campaign. 
“I know Peter Kinder, I consider him to be a friend. But if there's an opportunity, I'd like to be part of the solution," he said in an interview. "If he decides not to run, I'd do it with two feet." 
Spence, a 53-year-old executive at Alpha Packaging, met with the Republican Governors Association last week after his name circulated in GOP circles as a possible replacement candidate.
It's interesting that Spence is priming his campaign with the old-guard GOP. It's also interesting that Spence gave $1000 to far-left NY Senator Chuck Schumer (D) in 2004.

This is not how you jump start a Republican campaign. Spence leaked his political ambitions not to a media outlet with a right tilt like National Review or the Wall Street Journal, but to the left-leaning Catanese at Politico. He's donated to notorious liberal Senator Chuck Schumer. And he's seeking the help of establishment Republicans.

Dave--Mr. Spence, if you prefer--you've obviously had some difficulty getting the helium into your trial balloon, so let me offer a suggestion. Elections are won and lost at the ballot box. That means that you have to appeal to the average, grassroots voter. There are basically two hordes of average, grassroots voters: Tea Partiers or Occupants (as in Occupy Wall Street). You need a strategy to reach out to one of those groups. I suspect that you're not in what the Occupants call the 99%, so you've got to target your message for Tea Partiers.

Now, I've noticed that you've got a nice home in a good neighborhood with great yard (h/t: MOScout). That 7,700 sq. ft. golf green is pretty sweet. You should have the St. Louis Tea Party over! You'd get to know the conservative grassroots, maybe recruit some campaign volunteers, and we'd learn more about your policy preferences. We could have a cookout. That sand trap is big enough... we could spit three or four pigs and bar-b-que them in that.

Dave Spence Mansion

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