Monday, April 19, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party Wrap-up

St. Louis's Tax Day Tea Party brought a couple thousand local patriots to downtown Clayton, MO, for speeches from Jim Hoft, Bill Hennessy, Jay Stewert, Gina Loudon, Adam Sharp, Stephanie Rubach, Jon Burns, and Lt Gov Peter Kinder. While healthcare, financial reform, and cap and trade were discussed, the focus of the rally was on becoming activists.

Video Playlist Index:
  1. Jim Hoft ( kicks off the 2010 St Louis Tax Day Tea Party in Clayton, MO
  2. Randy Mayfield sings the National Anthem
  3. Eagle Scout Nick Martin leads the Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Jim Hoft ( speaks at the 2010 St Louis Tax Day Tea Party
  5. Jon Burns ( talks about activist training
  6. Fred Sauer talks about the slippery slope to socialism
  7. Lt Gov Peter Kinder ( talks about the privately-funded, grassroots lawsuit he's leading against healthcare reform
  8. Bill Hennessy (
  9. Jay Stewart (
  10. Gina Loudon (
  11. Jim Hoft ( recognizes some of the homemade signs at the 2010 St Louis Tax Day Tea Party
  12. Adam "Jackpot Brother" Sharp (www.SharpElbows.NET) talks about moving from the audience at last year's Tax Day Tea Party to the stage
  13. Stephanie Rubach ( talks about supporting black conservatives
  14. Dana Loesch ( speaks at the 2010 St Louis Tax Day Tea Party
  15. Lyda Loudon (Lyda at Big Journalism) and Chris Loesch lead the crowd at the St Louis Tea Party in God Bless America
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