Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Freedom of Speech and Flags

Instapundit has a link to the John Locke Foundation in the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham, NC). The John Locke Foundation quotes the News and Observer:
Organizers of a tea party event planned for Thursday at the state Capitol are unhappy they can’t carry flags on poles because of state officials’ fears that they could be used as weapons.

The prohibition applies to the American flag, North Carolina’s state flag or anything else carried on a pole more than a foot in length. Scott Hunter, chief of the State Capitol Police, said that the group will be allowed to carry tiny flags of the kind handed out at parades and Fourth of July events.

“It’s sad our country has come to this,” said Laura Long, the Apex woman who applied for the permit on behalf of Triangle Conservatives Unite.
Perhaps North Carolinians should exercise their freedom of speech and turn up the heat on their "betters" in Raleigh by burning the state flag at Thursday's Tea Party. Has an enterprising flag waver asked the ACLU to help with the legal fight when they exercise their freedom of speech by bringing a flag to Thursday's Tea Party?


snopercod said...

Last year the Capitol Police under the direction of Captain Hunter and Deputy Chief Lenora Mitchell confiscated sticks as small as paint-stirring paddles. See the video at Jane Q Republican.

At the time, I researched "The Law", and it turns out that Chief Hunter - good Democrat that he is - is just making it up as he goes along. There IS NO actual law, regulation, ordinance, statute, or anything else except the following language on the permit application:
16. To ensure the safety and protection of demonstration participants and/or the public at-large; signs, banners, posters and other similar displays may not be affixed to, or supported by any metal, wood or plastic posts or other supportive devices constructed of metal, wood or plastic.
Not that flag poles are NOT included in the prohibited items.

I suggest that everyone call and complain to Chief Scott Hunter at (919) 733-4646 and the Admin Officer Jennifer Norton at (919) 733-3514 or E-mail her at

Fran said...

Flags aren't allowed on the Missouri State Capitol grounds either; nor are they allowed on Federal property.

Yes, I love my flag -- it's a beauty with sewn stripes and embroidered stars -- but find that it can be a nuisance to others on a windy day.

snopercod said...

Raleigh Flag Ban Suspended

Apparently Rush shined the light on this situation and the democRATS scurried for cover.