Saturday, April 24, 2010

Citizen Journalist Gets the Shot

These four frames are from a video of the April 10th, 2010, red shirt protest in Bangkok, Thailand. The protest turned violent. The government claimed that only teargas and rubber bullets were used; however, the video from my first post on the unrest in Bangkok leads me to believe that live ammunition was used. In the slideshow above I've highlighted in green the location of a rooftop sniper who was shooting down into the crowd. In the video you can also hear gunfire that correlates with this sequence. In the fourth frame, I've highlighted in red what I mistakenly thought was a bullet impact. After reviewing the clip, I'm certain that the flash in the red circle is from the strobe of a camera's red-eye reduction.

Here's the complete video. There are shots from the roof at 0:18 and 0:50.

At this point, all sides in Thailand seem to be working toward a peaceful settlement. That settlement is complicated by several factors:

  1. The unidentified rooftop sniper(s) discussed above
  2. Soldiers loyal to the red shirts having fired on fellow army officers
  3. The possible involvement of red shirts (UDD) in the grenade attack earlier this week

My most up to date comments about this story are on Twitter.

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