Monday, March 29, 2010

Stop Prop A

SpikeStL shot the video above at this past Saturday's StopTheProp rally. The StopTheProp team is working to prevent a half cent sales tax increase in St Louis and, indirectly, a quarter cent increase in the city. The sales tax created by Prop A would go to increase the sunk costs of St Louis's lightrail system. The St Louis Tea Party's Jon Burns was there to rally the crowd as was Bill Hennessy. Hennessy had this recent post about the man behind the "Vote No on Prop A" effort:
Today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch delivers a magnificent portrait of John Burns, the taxpayer’s champion. Buy two copies of the paper: one to read, one to give away. In Ken Leiser’s story, you’ll learn about a man of character—something severely lacking in our society—who’s championed the fight against an irresponsible tax hike for an unaccountable agency.

I’ll leave the rest of the story to the able keystrokes of Mr. Leiser. But I must finish with this: if there’s some way to buy stock in John Burns, do it. When you combine intelligence, integrity, and tirelessness in one man, you have the stuff stars are made of.
Here's a portrait I shot of Burns at the gulag protest last fall:

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