Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Domesticating the Tea Party (UPDATED)

The grassroots continue to bloom with "Vote No on Prop A" signs as the signs of the Tea Party movement move to the curbside in St Louis county. Please email photos of your sign to me: dsm012-at-gmail-d0t-com.

Nick, a high school student who will be voting in his first election on April 6th, leads the way on Prop A.

Citizens concerned about higher taxes, like Nick in the video above, have ramped up their efforts to stop the metro tax increase. Their message: Vote No on Prop A. This ballot issue goes to a vote on Tuesday, April 6th. An off year, Spring vote usually sees very low turnout; however, the Tea Party activism of the last year has raised awareness of local issues and may make a difference on Tuesday. Yes, next Tuesday.

Bringing the Tea Party "Brand" to the Front Lawn

The effort to stop the sales tax increase has energized conservatives; however, the lack of funding for the Stop the Prop effort has required tax conscious county residents to innovate. No money means no yard signs. As illustrated above, some county residents are bringing the flavor of Tea Party-style signs home to their front yard.

Several members of the St Louis area As A Mom have pitched in. One of them created a flyer. Go get it, print several copies, cut the sheets in half (there are two copies of the flyer per page), and hand them out. A phone tree is in the works. You can help the effort simply by calling friends and relatives in St Louis county and asking them to vote no on Prop A on April 6th.

There's also an effort underway to get more homemade yard signs like the one above. As details about that effort are hammered out, I'll post more here. If you have any sign ideas, please leave them in the comments!

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Please, Oh please! said...

Ah, the rebel youth of the 21st century! Nick goes against his peers in knowing that government gives little in return for what they take. Perhaps one day we will see him run for office on the IDEPENDENT THINKERS PARTY, whereby he isn't owned by a party but answers to the people.

Nick and other critical thinkers of his generation are the "green shoots" that this country needs to see more of.